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Handheld large-screen thermal imager AURORA A3, designed for mainstream hunting users, focusing on observation comfort.


  • High-resolution image quality - High-quality image, equipped with high-end detectors and 35mm F1.0 infrared lens, providing high-definition observation experience.
  • Handheld large-screen thermal imager - 2.69-inch large-size OLED display screen in combination with 2.5× eyepieces for binocular observation, avoiding dizziness caused by long-term use of the existing dual-screen products on the market, thus greatly improving observation comfort.
  • Ultra-long battery life - Built-in battery plus 8 replaceable AA batteries enabling continuous operation as long as 24 hours.
  • More Comfortable Viewing Experience - Unlike thermal imaging binoculars on the market with two eyepiece displays, the AURORA series is the first large single-screen thermal imaging binocular on the market. With a 2.69-inch display screen and 1.5x eyepiece, users of the AURORA will experience less eye fatigue and exhibit no symptoms of dizziness or nausea for long time-term observation.
  • High-Definition & Clearly Visible Target - The AURORA A3 is equipped with a 384×288 resolution sensor and a large aperture f35/F1.0 infrared lens, which has extraordinary clarity and detail. With image enhancement technology, The AURORA A3 always provides users with higher-quality, more detailed and high-contrast images, even during rain or fog.
  • Long Detection Distance up to 1800m - A powerful long-distance objective lens combined with a 384x288 @12µm sensitive thermal imaging sensor provides exceptional detection capabilities. A standard 1.8m tall object can be detected up to 1800m away in complete darkness.
  • Dual Power Supply System - The AURORA A3 is powered by two types of batteries: one built-in with a high capacity of 3700 mAh, and the other external is 8 AA. The combination of both brings it up to 24 hours, solving battery life anxiety, leading to a worry-free, long-term outdoor observation experience.
  • Photo & Audio & Video Playback - Built-in 32G storage can record every wonderful moment, while the well-designed program allows users to playback and watch hunting moments. Moreover, built-in WiFi connects the AURORA A3 to smartphones via the application. This opens a wide range of options including real-time image transmission from the device to the smartphone screen and allows for remote control of digital device functions.

Detector Specifications
  • Type - Uncooled VOx
  • Resolution - 384×288
  • Pixel Measure - 12μm
  • NETD - ≤50mK
  • Frame Rate - 50Hz
Optical Parameters
  • Objective Lens - 35mm/1.0
  • Magnification Rate- 4×~16×
  • Exit Pupil Diameter  30mm
Display Specifications
  • Resolution - 768×576
  • Display Size - 2.69″
Battery Capacity and Type
  • Built-in Battery - Lithium-Ion Battery Pack 3800mAh / DC3.7V
  • External Battery - AA Battery ×8
  • Voltage - 3v~4.2v
  • External Voltage - 5 v (Type C USB)
Physical Parameters
  • Battery Life - 24h 
  • Storage Capacity - 32GB
  • Operational Temperatures - -20℃~+50℃
  • Weight - 38.8 oz 
  • Dimensions - 7.9×5.9×2.4 in

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