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Introducing the STORM Series, featuring advanced thermal imaging technology and high-sensitivity infrared detectors for exceptional outdoor hunting and night vision capabilities. With the ability to perform in adverse weather conditions, such as rain, snow, fog and haze, the STORM Series is perfect for night hunting, observation, and geographic postioning.  It offers a range of functions including photography, video recording, recoil activated video, digital zoom, PIP and  multiple reticle options.


  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE SENSOR - The STORM features a 12µm sensor with NETD<25mK and a 50Hz refresh rate, providing a clear and consistent view during observations. Choose between the S2 (256x192 resolution) and the S3 (384x288 resolution) models to suit your needs.
  • RESOLUTION ENHANCED TECHNOLOGY (RET) - With our Resolution Enhanced Technology (RET), the STORM doubles the pixels and utilizes advanced AI algorithms to optimize the content of these added pixels. This results in a significantly clearer and more detailed picture, enhancing your outdoor observations, and hunting experiences.
  • 1024×768 FULL COLOR OLED - The STORM’s OLED screen offers superior contrast and rich details, enhancing the hunting experience with a more immersive and detailed view.
  • REPLACEABLE BATTERY & QUICK-DETACH DESIGN - The STORM utilizes an 18650 replaceable battery that provides over 6 hours of continuous operation. Its 90-degree, quick-detach battery cap design allows for effortless battery swapping, which ensures minimal downtime during your hunt.
  • INTUITIVE OPERATING SYSTEM - We have developed a unique intuitive operating system for STORM, where each function corresponds to a single button. You no longer need to scroll through menus to find the desired function. The device's buttons are directly mapped to the user interface (UI), so when you press a button, the corresponding function on the UI lights up, providing a clear indication of which function you have triggered. Additionally, these four buttons can also be used as directional keys, allowing for convenient zeroing.
  • RETURN TO CENTER FUNCTION (RTC) - After zeroing, the RTC function will automatically reposition the reticle closer to the center of the x-axis and y-axis. If the deviation from the center position is minimal, it can even realign the reticle directly to the center. enabling you to have a more comfortable field of view and making it easier to maintain focus on the target.
  • ADJUSTABLE PICTURE-IN-PICTURE (PIP) - Unlike other scopes where the Picture-in-Picture (PIP) image is simply magnified along with the outer image, the STORM allows you to adjust the magnification level of the PIP image independently, enabling users to maintain awareness of the surroundings and improve shooting accuracy using the PIP function.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT DESIGN - The STORM features a compact and lightweight design, weighing in at only 440g (just under 1lb), which makes it suitable for handheld use. It also includes a quick-detach Picatinny rail for easy firearm attachment. The aluminum alloy construction ensures durability and high-quality performance.
  • Powerful Base Magnification - With a base magnification of 3.5x, the STORM S2 and S3 models provide powerful, improved clarity when observing distant targets. This allows for more precise long-distance hunting, even when utilizing digital zoom.
  • Weather Mode - Through intelligent parameter adjustments, our product guarantees a consistently sharp and detailed view, regardless of the weather conditions. No longer will rainy days or foggy nights obstruct your vision. Overcome nature's challenges and enjoy clear visibility at all times.
  • 1000g Impact Resistance - The STORM is built to withstand impacts of up to 1000g, making it an excellent choice for hunting weapons with larger calibers such as .375 H&H, 12-gauge, and 9.3x64. Its durable design ensures long-term reliability and remains undamaged even in the most challenging conditions.
  • IP67 Waterproof - Engineered with an impressive IP67 waterproof, the STORM is fortified against water intrusion, ensuring robust protection for the device. This exceptional waterproofing capability safeguards the internal components, significantly extending its lifespan.
  • Photo, Video Recording and Built-in MIC - The STORM offers photo and video recording capabilities, ensuring effortless capture of remarkable moments day or night. Experience uncompromising audio quality with our carefully selected built-in microphone.
  • A Wide Array of Reticle Choices - The STORM presents an extensive selection of reticle options, catering to your specific preferences and shooting requirements. With four distinct reticle colors and eight unique reticle styles, you have a grand total of 32 reticle combinations at your disposal.
  • Wi-Fi integration with RIX+ APP - The STORM has built-in Wi-Fi, enabling seamless connectivity with your Android or iOS smartphone through the RIX+ app. This powerful combination provides numerous advantages, such as wireless software updates and live image streaming to your mobile device screen.
  • RAV Function - With its cutting-edge Recoil Activated Video feature, the STORM effortlessly captures exhilarating moments, even if you forget to manually start recording. Equipped to detect recoil, it automatically records the moments before and after each shot.

Sensor Specifications
  • Type - VOx Uncooled
  • Resolution, pixels - 384x288
  • Pixel Pitch, µm - 12
  • NETD, mk - <25
  • Frame Rate, Hz - 50
Optical Specifications
  • Objective Lens,mm - 35mm; F1.0
  • Optic Zoom, x - 3.5
  • Field of View, degrees / yd @ 100 yd - 7.5°/13.2yd
  • Digital Zoom, x - 1 to 4
  • Eye Relief, mm - 48
  • Diopter Adjustment, D - -5 to +5
  • Detection Range, m/yd - 1800/1968
Display Specifications
  • Type - OLED
  • Resolution, pixels - 1024×768
  • Wireless Protocol - Wi-Fi
  • Frequency, GHz - 2.4GHz
Video Recorder
  • Video / Photo Resolution, pixels - 1024×768
  • Video / Photo Format - .mp4 / .jpg
  • Built-in Memory, GB - 32
Physical Specifications
  • Degree of Protection, IP code - IP67
  • Operating Temperature Range, °F - -4 to +122
  • Weight, lb - 0.97
  • Dimensions, inch - 5.3×2.5×2.2
Connections and Compatibilities
  • Battery Type - 18650
  • Capacity, mAh - 3200
  • Operating Time on Battery Pack (at t=72°F), h - 6
  • External Power Supply, V - 5V (Type C USB)
  • Max Recoil Power on Rifled Weapon (Eo), g/Joules - 1000g/6000Joules
  • Compatible Mounts - Picatinny mount

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