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SPUHR, SP-4802C, 34mm PICATINNY MOUNT 44 MOA - 1.5"

SPUHR, SP-4802C, 34mm PICATINNY MOUNT 44 MOA - 1.5"

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34mm PICATINNY MOUNT 44 MOA - 1.5"


Prevents damage on scope due to flexing during heavy recoil or rough environment. The snipers rifle and the spotters carbine can have the same mount, enabling the use of same equipment and accessories. Rings are grooved inside to get a better grip of the scope and enabling gluing of the scope. The mount is milled out of one billet of material instead of being screwed together from small parts.

Accessible and Readable Dials

The rings are cut 45 degrees instead of the usual horizontal, providing several advantages. The screws holding the parts together are not in the way of the knobs, thus the shooter can quickly determine the settings of the knobs. It also gives the shooter a horizontal line that helps the shooter not to rotate his gun unintentionally. The rings have index marks on the top and right side, making low knobs more easily readable.


  • Tilt - 13 MIL/44.4 MOA
  • Height - 38 mm/1.5”
  • Length - 120 mm/4.72” (body) 130 mm/5.12” (OAL)
  • Note - Will not fit the SAKO S20 or rifles with 2-piece rails

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